Invest & Make your crypto work.

Become a smart crypto investor seamlessly and let professional crypto asset managers with transparent track record, handle your portfolio profitably.

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Why Invest with Wunderbit

Smart investment is a key to growth

Make your crypto work

There are many investors who simply buy and hold crypto assets, which is unsuccessful if prices are falling, whereas professional traders earn even on a bearish market. Let our team manage your funds efficiently and don’t worry about crypto volatility

No risk of fraud

Our team will manage your funds through the API with the withdrawals restriction. This will allow us to execute trades on your account and will restrict us from moving your funds anywhere. Thus, there is Zero risk your funds will be stolen.

Transparency & Control

In your investor’s cabinet, you will be able to see each trade that is executed by our team. And the best part is that there are no fix contracts, which bind you to stay with us. One-click and you are disengaged from our trader with all the funds in your exchange account.

In house exchange

Wunderbit has its own licenced crypto exchange that allows you to buy and sell crypto with various methods. So you can enter and exit crypto world without any restrictions.

Connected exchanges

How to become crypto investor

Three steps to start your crypto portfolio

Step 1

Register on Binance exchange - Nr.1 exchange by volume.

Step 2

Buy Bitcoin at Wunderbit Exchange and deposit it to Binance account.

Step 3

Connect Binance account to Wunderbit Trading through API.

On how to start with Wunderbit Trading go to the more detailed Guide

Want to be a trader at Wunderbit?

Benefits to trade with us

Trading Automation

Flexible way of creating orders: adding Take Profit and Stop Loss to any order on Binance. Operate as many trading accounts as you want at the same time with automatic execution of a trade on all accounts.

Access to investor's capital

Connect with thousands of new investors and create consistent profit by applying your strategy to investor's funds. Become a top trader.